PC freezes for a while when removing certain plugins

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I tried a couple of plugin demos and with some of them I get a weird DAW freeze for like 5 seconds when I unload them or switch to a different one. This does not happen with all plugins I tested. The working ones switch or unload immediately. I only used vst3 versions.

This happens on two different machines. An old Win7 and a fresh Win10. I couldn't find any reports here regarding this issue. Before I decide to buy them I wanted to ask if this is a bug or a feature?

I experienced this behavior with the following plugins:

Supercharger GT 1.4.2

Transient Master 1.4.2

Replika XT 1.4.2

Driver 1.4.2

RC24 & RC48 1.4.2

No problems with the Effect Series, Raum and some synths, besides some window issues in Cubase 12 which seem to be Steinbergs fault.

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