MBP M1Pro, MacOS12.3 - Komplete compatibility

bubbajazz Member Posts: 2 Member

I bricked my older MBP a couple of weeks ago. I was going to upgrade to Komplete 13, but it appears that much of Komplete isn't playing with new Apple machines yet.

Is anyone up and running with the newer Macs? And, if not, does anyone know what NI plans are for this? I'm thinking I may just need to hold off on the upgrade until K 14 comes out, presumably with current-Mac support, but would prefer to start before then. Since I'm building this machine up from the ground, I'd rather get everything going at once if that is possible - perfect time to clear out all the old duct tape solutions....


  • Russellmus
    Russellmus Member Posts: 53 Helper

    I use a lot of Kontakt/Reaktor and some of the synth and effect plugins, and It’s mostly working fine on my M1 Pro. Even the stuff that doesn’t run natively on silicon works with Rosetta. Few little niggles here and there but no major issues.

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