Help with ADSR editing: NI Scarbee bass

SteveBp11 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to change the ADSR of the NI Scarbee Bass in the editing window.

I have added the AHDSR envelope by clicking the add modulation button in the group editing window but when I try to change things and nothing seems to happen.

...yeahh i'm quite green lol..any insight is appreciated..thanks!


  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,559 Expert

    Specifically which Scarbee Bass library? there are several and there are differences in scripting etc…

  • EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Moderator Posts: 1,021 mod

    They all have pretty much the same internal structure though (except Rickenbacker).

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