Abby Road Drum Package - Midi data for each pack?

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Hi there,

I've been looking at purchasing the Abby Road Drummer pack, but couldn't find info on the specific question I have.

I have the 60's pack as a part of Komplete 13, and I was wondering if there are midi play patterns for each version of Abby Road Drummer. I love being able to drag and drop patterns in. If I grab the 70s kit, will it include more MIDI drum patterns? Or are they all included/the same for every kit.

Thanks in advance!



  • EvilDragon
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    Each product has its own MIDI patterns only, they are not necessarily mutually exchangeable (different mappings etc.).

  • DevTL88
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    Since the Midi can be dragged out from the Kontakt player, I'm guessing I can drag out to a new midi track and load in a different abbey road patch.

    Thanks for the answer! Cheers!

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