Everything was working fine with Maschine+, updated on April 12 everything is blocked since

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I have Maschine plus as a device. The software maschine 2, last version. On Native Access I saw: update for Komplete Kontrole, and for Maschine2. So I launched the update on Native Access and Komplete Kontrole was OK, but Maschine marked "FAIL" in red.

Since I spent 3 days of Easter and days and times of nights to seek answer on assistance, support of Native Instrument, approximately 120 hours or more.... without exaggerating! and impossible to reinstall the Maschine software and all my other programs became "FAIL" "Obivously Native Access does not go any more, but how to reinstall all.

I tried it in stand-alone My Maschine Plus, goes well. But I tried on my other pc, when I plug the USB cable on the computer, I do , setting and I go on system and I click the 5th button "Controller" the file button turns orange, but all the buttons of maschine plus light up in white and everything is blocked! I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE.

This is my big problem. No more Maschine 2 software on my PC, and Maschine Plus blocked.

Can you help me please? Thank you very much for your help.

I normally have Maschine2 - verses; 2.15 , Maschine Plus.  PC i7 , windows 11 , Komplete 12 select , finally the worst is that everything is original bought from native with Serial No , and upgraded and updated in order.




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    There is a problem reported with the 2.15 update and Maschine + that it interferes with the M + in controller mode. A fix is in progress, but until then, it is recommended to downgrade to the previous version of Maschine software. Links can be found in this article on page 5.

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    Hey @jobino, please note that this community is english only. I translated the thread accordingly.

    We're aware of an issue going on since the last Maschine update affecting ALL Maschine users.

    A fix is on the way to solve the issue with Maschine 2 and Maschine Plus.

    In the meantime, as @Blindeddie said, you can chose to downgrade to the previous software version using these links:

    MASCHINE 2.14.7 for MAC

    MASCHINE 2.14.7 for PC

    Thanks for your understanding 🙏

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