Controller Editor updates in the future?

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First, I was wondering when we could be expecting an update to the hardware/firmware on Maschine and Komplete Kontrol to MIDI 2.0?

Second, Are there any plans to synergize Maschine and Komplete Kontrol through Controller Editor in the near future? I find when creating templates, it's incredibly frustrating to create one in Maschine and then do it all over again on the Komplete Kontrol software, that sometimes won't synergize properly. Maybe there could be a check box on the Controller Editor templates that gives an option to program both simultaneously, or individually? Possibly, saving the template in the Komplete Kontrol software?


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    not sure i follow your line of thought? ....controller editor templates, maschine template & komplete Kontrol templates are all separate applications

    if of course you are wanting a better integration of Komplete & maschine... what you currently have is what you get... and the best you can do... is save a template that is approximately how you see yourself starting in Maschine...

    The controller editor... has limited control in the context of working with both maschine&komplete controllers....

    even if you were to be put both controllers into midi mode... you wouldnt have much in the way of better intergration or better templates being created...

    the you can do... atm is build a template... and save presets for quick recall...

    If of course you go outside of the Maschine standalone/Komplete standalone or combined intergrations... and look at using a DAW that has a good implementation of saving & recalling track templates/project templates/FX templates/Routing templates/Midi templates etc...

    some DAWs have better workflows than others when it comes to making your controllers easily recall such templates... i can only vouch for reaper as having the type of workflow/template recalls that utilises maschine & komplete in plugin mode.. with some controller editing... but just remember some komplete keyboards in some respects are locked down and little config can be done on some of them... but other komplete keyboards are a little better!

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    @Maxray Komplete Kontrol does not use Controller Editor since the MK2 models. Controller Editor is still used for Maschine and Traktor controllers so it will probably be updated but there are no plans to implement new features. Regarding MIDI 2.0, I'm not sure what is possible to implement on older devices, maybe @Matthew_NI has more insights?

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    The problem is, when I'm working, I use them in tandem. In Maschine 2 software, the integration is flawless! I would like to use them both the same way in DAW environments. Simply putting your DAW/channel into "All MIDI Inputs" mode, on any DAW, doesn't solve the problem, because the knobs, buttons and other programmed features don't match each other on the interfaces. The DAWs will not allow you to program them both, only one at a time. Because the DAWs recognize the CC# allocations on each hardware interface as different connections, not the same connections.

    MIDI 2.0 fixes that problem, because the hardware recognizes each other simply when being plugged in. Making the MIDI settings match between the devices. This shouldn't be a hard thing to accomplish through Controller Editor?! If Komplete Kontrol could share settings with the Maschine, I could program Maschine, then the templates would translate to both devices. I simply said, adding an option button would allow the user to make templates for both or individually. It's much easier than the current configuration, where you have to program both individually.

    It's also easier for Native Instruments designers and engineers to fix issues, because you don't have to worry about programming both pieces of software separately. Having Controller Editor as a one stop shop for all integrations and programming needs for the hardware devices is a win-win for all of us!

    To add.... You all could even make Controller Editor more like Reaktor, where you have your set inputs and outputs, and have a more modular setup (with some fixed settings and functions of course!). Where the users have the ability to easily move controls and features around in a more fluid way for all devices, to fit their workflow. It makes more sense to have that ability in the NI environment, since that was the backbone NI was built on?!

    You all just put out a poll recently, asking what updates we would like to see done in Maschine.... I'm saying, that's the updates/upgrades I'd like to see! It requires no hardware changes, just software and firmware changes. Consequently, it would make, literally, all your jobs so much easier! While giving us, your clients a more streamlined integration of your product line.

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    I'd be glad to chat with @Matthew_NI at any time, if he would like to chime in?!

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    MIDI 2.0 won't magically fix everything, at least not now, the implementation is not even finished yet... It's under development.

    It will take a while until all devices that exist are updated and fully talking to each other and there's really no way to know if companies like NI that use their own proprietary communication means (NKS) will fully integrate their solutions with whatever MIDI 2.0 ends up being.

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