I'm not getting any audio ouf the phone output (Main)

I've tried searching everywhere without a solution. I'm using the S8 standalone (not through a computer) as a mixer for 2 1210's and 2 CD decks. Main main audio out (to speakers) is via XLR. My problem is that I'm not getting any audio out of the main phono out (I'm wanting to stream out to a phone for broadcast). Does anyone have a solution please as I'm tearing my hair out here. Thanks in advance.



  • Uwe303
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    what do you mean with main phono out, you would have to use the rca connectors next to the xlr connectorsy both are maun out and parallel as far as I know. Have you tested the signal from the outputs with another device, and also the input of the phoney I guess an audio interface, with another signal, so you can test on what end the issue is

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    Do you mean booth out?

  • Beware_The_Quirky
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    For clarity:

    Main outputs:

    XLR: Rokit speakers

    Phono/RCA: to phone (after further investigation/twiddling I've found that there is a very faint signal/audio but nothing is registering when I connect my phone, switch over to mic input and make video recording). I'm assuming I'll need a secondary audio interface? Has anyone else done a similar setup and can give me some advice please? Thanks in advance.

  • Uwe303
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    What rca outputs? The one left from the xlr ones if you look from the rear? The 4 stereo line/phono rca sockets are just inputs. If your rokit speakers have a level pot use it to turn the volume down there so you can raise volume on the S8 cause xlr and rca outputs go both through the maszer volume pot.

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