Mixtour Reloop mapping and setup

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Hi Guys... i need your help.... I am not a professional musician or dj... just a music lover... I just bought Mixtour Reloop controller and just want to make basic setup with my sound monitors/speakers.. and with headphones. I use windows 11 + traktor pro3. Downloaded maping from mixtour official site and imported it in traktor but dont know how to configure traktor correctly... thanks in advance... 🖤


  • lord-carlos
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    Settings ->

    Audio setup -> audio device -> select your mixtour

    Output routing -> internal mixer -> send monitor to cue out and master to master

    That should take care of the sound.

    For mapping someone else has to explain it.

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    Install ASIO drivers from Reloop, import mappings, restart Traktor if necessary, then at the latest you should be able to select the mappings.

    You should find where you import the mappings in the pull-down menu at the top, if I remember correctly, unfortunately I'm not sitting at the PC right now.

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