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Hi all,

Hope someone can help..

Basically when I record midi into cubase from Maschine a drum pattern the midi data is in cubase but when I either delete the pattern from Maschine the or change to a blank scene i get no playback I get no sound from Maschine? It's like maschine doesn't recognise the midi from cubase to trigger the sound/pads but will play when the pattern is back n place?? I want to use the midi in cubase to trigger the sounds in Maschine. TIA


  • ozon
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    You must change how the Groups and Sounds react to incoming MIDI events.

  • 6xes
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    when i started off using maschine.... i also wondered how to do what you are attempting to do...

    and after watching someone do the setup in other Daw's to grasp what is being done... the process was quite involved.... and would basically require that the same involved setup be done with every new project... at least thats how i understood it at the time...

    realising this... i didnt bother with it

    as a work around... you may be able to do this... unsure as it might be DAW dependant

    highlight all the midi events within a pattern you wish to copy, using the "render/freeze" button on the far right (near length 4:0:0) which renders a audio file when you hold the left mouse, you can then drag it out of the maschineVST and drop it on your track of choice inside your DAW

    this saves alot of fart arsing around!!

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    huge wall of text there @ozon

    some workflows just add extra work

    but good on ya for providing the solution!!

    well done!

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