TRAKTOR PRO 3 keyboard "cmd w" quits Traktor

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i work with short keys on my keyboard, to set cue points, etc.

Using the short key "cmd w" quits Traktor. (but only, when no track is playing!)

where can i deactivate this function.

I tried to deactivate it in the macbook preferences: /keyboard / App keyboard shortcuts,

but i could not find "cmd w" there to delete it. looks like that this shortcut is hidden somewere....

fyi: i do not have "cmd w" in the traktor prefs / controller manager / keybord mapping

fyi: in the menue bar, to quit traktor, i changed the key to: shift/cmd Q.

i did this in the macbook preferences: /keyboard / App keyboard shortcuts...

fyi: when quit traktor is "cmd Q" the other function "cmd w" also quits traktor.

can anybody help?

Best regards, Punyesh


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