Lua script "Samples AutoMapping" removes all samples looping info??

al808 Member Posts: 3 Member

Hi, So I've used the Creator Tools Lua tutorial 6: Samples AutoMapping, which works great , but as far as I can tell all the sample's looping points (done in an external piece of software Endless Wave),are lost, whereas they remain if I just drag the samples into the mapping editor. Am I doing something wrong, is there a way of using these MIR scripts and keep all the looping info?

Thanks Al.


  • al808
    al808 Member Posts: 3 Member

    Well it turns out, the Lua AutoMapping process turns all sample loops off, but the info is still there, and easily reactivated by selecting all the zones in the mapping editor and selecting "Restore loops from samples" from the Command menu in the Wave Editor.


  • Gablux
    Gablux Member Posts: 79 Member

    well done. I love when people find the solution and come back to share it.

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