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i have a question about update of music playlist.

I create playlist for my music in traktor : house, dance and so…

when I download new song how to update the playlist that I made in traktor without creating a new playlist (2). For example I have created the playlist dance and after I downloaded new song on my hard disk in the forlder dance that I use to create the playlist on traktor but in the software the playlist doesn’t have the new songs and when I import again the original folder dance to the playlist in traktor the software create a new playlist dance 2 for instance. I just want to see if look like in serato if we can just update the playlist only with the new tracks and not create a new playlist.



  • lord-carlos
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    Mhh, I'm not sure what you are talking about. Just putting a file on the disk should not create a playlist.

    Here is what I do:

    • Download file into music folder
    • Either drag 'n drop the file into traktor or let traktor rescan my music folder
    • In Traktor drag 'n drop the new music file into the playlists I want.

    Or I create smart playlists based on tags. Those will automatically add tracks to playlists.

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