Freezing MIDI Kontakt in Pro Tools

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I'll start by saying that I've had the problem, that I describe below, for months and that I've been investigating it for weeks with Avid support.
All systems are constantly updated and are at the latest versions.
I would like to know if anyone has this problem.
Thanks for the attention !

NB: Below is a link with videos that show the problem.

1) During playback or rec the midi notes remain frozen playing without interruption.

2) The problem occurs after the error AAE-9173 and -6101, they occur above all when the playback timeline reaches a point where there is a bpm variation in the "Tempo Ruler” (see video).

3) The problem is not solved, as with other problems, with "All Midi Notes Off" or by changing the settings in the Playback Engine menu, and occurs regardless of the quantity of plugins and virtual samples present in the session.

4) The problem once presented you have to "scrub" the notes randomly, back and forth, even for almost 1 minute, or you have to close and reopen the project, there is no other way to restore the correct reading of the midi.


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    Eddycoltellos Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    I did other tests, so I'll add that:

    5) I opened a new session without Kontakt and Native Instruments in general, but only with various instances of Soundpaint (8DIO) and Opus (Eastwest).
    I find this:
    5a) AAE errors are in general significantly less frequent.

    5b) AAE errors appear after a greater overload of instances and samples in play (with Kontakt they already appear with few instruments in play).

    5c) when an AAE error occurs, sometimes the freeze does not occur, other times the freeze occurs, but when it occurs, just modify the Buffer Size to unlock the freeze (which is the system with which I have always unlocked the various effects on the MIDI after the errors AAE in general).
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