Trouble scripting an LFO Start Phase knob AND a retrigger button?

Alcot60890 Member Posts: 17 Member

Hi, I have a knob to set the Start Phase of an LFO which modulates volume. It has been working fine scripted like this...

set_engine_par ($ENGINE_PAR_MOD_TARGET_INTENSITY,%ART_LFO_PHASE[1],$GroupPage,find_mod(1,"CV_PHASE"),-1)

I have the Modulation Source set to 'Constant'. Now I try to script a Retrigger button like this...

set_engine_par ($ENGINE_PAR_INTMOD_RETRIGGER,%ART_LFO_RETRIGGER[1],$GroupPage,find_mod(1,"SINE_LFO"),-1)

Doing this successfully toggles the 'Retrigger' button on the LFO, but things aren't working right. When I toggle it OFF and press a new note, the volume of the note seems to jump to Phase Start point after a split second of apparently functioning correctly. So, it seems like there's still a retrigger happening.

Thanks in advance for any help! :)

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