Is there a way to reset patches when changing from one to another.

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Hoping there was some global setting that would reset the envelope generators and kill the decay whenever a patch was changed. It seems the compiler just keeps running but accepts new settings from all the knobs and switches rather than resetting everything and starting back up.


  • Paule
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    Al, you can set to each panel element a default value. It's reached by a double click with LMB (left mouse button)

  • Studiowaves
    Studiowaves Member Posts: 449 Advisor
    edited April 2022

    Thanks Paule, I managed to solve the problem by putting a button on the panel. Now when I change patches the snap module sends out an event and drops the volume by 30db instantly. I rigged it up so when the button is on the new patch fades in over a 10 second period. It's a really nice feature for auditioning patches. For me, it's disturbing when you change a patch and the context doesn't match the music. Like this I can evaluate it as it fades in and select another if it's not what I was listening for. Once a patch is found, I turn the switch off so it doesn't fade in when called up via midi. It's something I've been wanting to implement for a long time and it really worked out nice. I can upload a macro if anyone is interested. It took some time to get the code down. Talk later.

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