Komplete plusing scan very slow

Christiaan Tinga
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Why is Komplete's scan or rescan so slow while Kontakt and the DAW itself is not?


  • Milos
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    Take a grain of salt with this one...but I think it is like that because MNDALA has bigger memory, it isn't really a sampler only, it is a sampler and instruments combined into one file, unlike some NI products like Kontakt and Kontrol, which have a bit more separated files.

    That is just a theory, and I will not finish the reference.

    Seriously tho, it is only a theory.

  • BIF
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    If you have numerous VST folders in the KK folder concatenation, it will take longer to scan all of those folders than if you just have a couple folders.

  • reffahcs
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    Like @BIF mentioned. Komplete Kontrol scans your VSTs because KK is capable of playing VSTs. Kontakt on the other hand can only play back instruments created for Kontakt and not VSTs, therefore Kontakt will scan much faster since it simply ignores VSTs and AUs.


  • JesterMgee
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    The reason is because plugins are all from different vendors and each plugin needs to be polled for the plugins abilities (inputs/outputs), Plugin ID details and versioning which requires loading the plugin in memory to read it while the plugin also may do things like phone home to check for updates etc which is why sometimes you see a p;rompt on scanning to update a plugin or enter your activation details.

    Kontakt instruments on the other hand simply have a xml file that is read and entered into a database.

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