NI Massive X VST3 Blue Cat Audio PatchWork - Crash on m2 Ventura 13.6.3 (22G436)

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Hi :)

Hopping someone has a solution, I'm posting it here (I've also opened a support ticket 4219725 where also the crash report has been included)

I'm able to open Massive X user interface once, after that, once closed it will crash when I attempt to open it it crashes.

More about this can be found here:

According to Blue Cat Audio support team kind analysis:

-It appears to be crashing right in the middle of Massive's code while opening the user interface-

In addition, I attempted the following without success:


Any feedback or ideas would be highly appreciated.



  • LuisSanchez
    LuisSanchez Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


    Please, would a kind soul within NI support team provide feedback in ticket 4219725?

    Provided the requested NI Support Tool output on February 12 following its request.


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