How do I increase the length of a sample?

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Hi, my sampled guitar riff is slightly shorter than the 3 bar section I want to put it in so it repeats the beginning before the 3 bars are done. How do add a bit of space to the end of it so it fits perfectly?



  • Dstep ATL
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    Turn off looping on the sample? Use time stretch in the sample editor? I’m not sure why it’s starting over unless you have it looping.

  • astrochump
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    It was something to do with that. I'm not skilled at Maschine sampling yet. In the end I had to re-record the sample and made sure it was over 3 bars, then set the pattern to 3 bars and it worked perfectly.

    Before I resorted to that I wasted a lot of time trying to edit the first wav to make it longer in various programs (eg Audacity) and failed. You'd think it would be fairly straightforward but imho it isn't

  • Nico_NI
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    I'm not aware of such possibility with Maschine, but in Ableton you can 'Consolidate' a clip/sample. That means you can create a new file of the chosen audio recording with the desired length selected on the beatgrid.

    That's probably something any DAW can do, and it takes a few seconds.

  • Jesse J
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    Another option is to copy some of the silence and duplicate or paste it into the wave file at the end of it whilst in the samplers edit mode , can be a painful way to do things but I have done things this way before , tbh some of the way Maschine works is overly complicated just to achieve the real simple things so I have tried to find ways around it and the way described above was one way I have managed to do it in Maschine

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