How do I play your own, locally stored mp3s on Traktor DJ 2 for iPad?

Hey, so I'm thinking of using Traktor on the iPad with an NI controller.
I downloaded Traktor DJ 2 from the App Store. There was also a Traktor app available for £9.99 but I wasn't sure what the difference between the 2 apps was.

I have a load of music on MP3s that you can't get on iTunes or Apple Music. Typically these would be some rare vinyl I recorded to MP3.
I want to add these files/tracks to Traktor DJ 2 but the only options I see are Soundcloud and iTunes.

I don't subscribe to Apple Music but I do purchase some tracks outright for 99p from iTunes/Apple Music on my MacBook. I am also able to add my MP3s to my iTunes/Apple Music library on my laptop and have these stored locally so I can play them without wifi.

How do I get these locally stored MP3s in my iTunes library on my MacBook to be playable as downloaded files in Traktor DJ 2 on my iPad?
I will be DJing outside with no wifi so I must have a load of mp3s stored locally on my iPad.


  • Sparkomatic100
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  • Harald Walker
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    When you connect your iPad to the Mac you can sync Apple Music (the app previously known as iTunes) playlists to your iPad and that will transfer the files.

  • Harald Walker
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    Traktor DJ 2 was last updated 3 years ago. Personally I do like the idea as it offers mobility, provides the touch interface for additional features and current iPads are powerful little computers. Looks like NI was too early and now they might be missing the boat.

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