How to get Kontakt 5 license if previous owner hasn't transferred

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I'm very new but not new to Kontak and NI and how they work.

Basically I have the option to get hold of the software pack for Kontakt 5 official release software, this would be ideal to run on my old Mac Pro tower running 10.7 and buy laptop pro 2009 running 10.9

The issue is the seller does not have a transfer licence, can I do anything with this or should I not bother?

Is there a way to generate a new licence code with Native Instruments as I assume the packaging/box with the discs which are all present will have a code/serial number.

Can the licence number be traced to this serial number or is this just a waste of time?


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    As this is a user forum, we would not be able to answer your question officially…. You need to contact Account & Registration support…

  • GDM1234
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    I thought that might be the case, already done!

    Many thanks.

  • GDM1234
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    How quick are they at answering just out of interest?

    Is it 'how long's a piece of string".....

  • GDM1234
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    Just for background info it's an eBay seller and they've already said they know nothing about any licence. It's the box and discs for Kontakt 5 and I can have it if I want it at a decent price.

    Seems a shame if you can't buy old software like this legitimately and use it.

    I'd like it but I'm not buying it if I can't use it!

    Also the seller is left with an item they can't sell either, I've broken that to them gently....

  • EvilDragon
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    I'm suspicious if he's selling just the disks without a license.

  • GDM1234
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    They have the box and all the packaging.

    This is all becoming too much aggravation really.

    All I want to do is buy Kontakt 5 for my old computers.

    Where else can I get the software? Can I download it here? Surely it can't be that complicated can it?

    The other option is that I just use the player as I use Logic 8 and can use the player as a plug in on individual tracks like the EXS24.

    I know it's daft and I should upgrade but it all works for me fairly easily without any issues and has done for years.....

  • EvilDragon
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    You cannot download Kontakt 5 over here. NI is not selling it anymore, you can only get it second hand. Maybe try KvR marketplace?

  • Uwe303
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    You have to look for sold as new, means never registered, or with license transfer. And if the seller is not sure he has to check with native. Otherwise I would also be suspicious. Like ED already said.


  • GDM1234
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    Many thanks guys, appreciate your advice and replies.

    such a bummer/frustrating that it’s also seemingly hard to get hold of on all the usual second hand outlets as well.

    I’ve logged a question with the support team so will see what they say, and asked in the second hand sales part of this forum.

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