Maschine Mikro Mk1

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Im clearing out old equipment. Found my Mikro. tbh I never used it... I use the software only... I assume this isnt worth much and its linked to my Maschine Software license (which is now v2).

So can I sell it or am I just stuck with it?


  • D-One
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    Mikro Mk2's go for around 50$ on ebay, so I can't imagine an Mk1 being worth more than 25$ if you can even find someone to buy it. Maybe you can locally or in places with a lot of uninformed people like facebook market or something.

    If you're on Windows it should still work, might as well give a try if you never did and keep it.

    With Mk3's both the seller and buyer get to keep the SW license but with MK2's I don't know, you can ty asking NI's tech support.

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