How to fix the current windows 11, traktor pro 3 & cdj 3000 issue where i can't control the console?

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Hi Guys,

gonna try to sum this up as concise as i can with all the info in points below so that i can resolve this mind boggling issue.

1) using my current laptop which has windows 11 (64-bit operating system, x64-based processor) i have successfully used the cdj 3000 for an entire set by plugging in my usb cables with traktor pro 3 - 3.8.0

2) the next time i tried to connect my laptop to that exact same cdj 3000 console, it does not allow me to control the cdj 3000's via my traktor pro 3 - 3.8.0. as always i went to output routing in the traktor settings and it just shows as "cdj 3000 " in both decks as opposed to the setting where it would once show me "cdj 3000 1L + CDJ 3000 1R, CDJ 3000 2L + CDJ 3000 2R"

3) i have reinstalled the 3000 drivers for windows and still no luck. for what it's worth it works perfectly fine with the cdj 900 and the cdj 2000 nxs2. it is literally only this cdj 3000 that has suddenly glitched

4) i have tried using different usb cables as well but still point no. 2 happens, so i know its not a faulty cable

5) i can whole heartedly confirm that there is no setting that i have changed from my windows laptop or from traktor pro 3 .

I just cannot understand what has happened. have tried my best to read through any articles online. finally i have decided to come here and just put this on here for you guys to try and give me the steps that i have been doing wrong.

Please help me. it just does not make any sense. i would love to do a phone call with anyone who would be willing to do one as well. let me know if it makes sense to share my phone number.

thank you so much in advance.



  • DJ-Andre
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    Is the latest firmware installed on the CDJ-3000?

  • Zohanne
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    yes, firmware version 3.11 is on the cdj 3000
  • DJ-Andre
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    edited February 7

    What happens if you connect only one player? Is it detected correctly?


    Connect player 1 as single player and player 2 afterwards. It might be a hardware failure...

  • Zohanne
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    Thanks DJ-Andre. While i have in the past connected only 1 player, it does not detect properly and simply always showed up as "CDJ 3000" and not the correct way confirms it's usage which is "CDJ 3000 1L + CDJ 3000 1R".

    Anyway the great news is that after reconfirming that my traktor is up to date and my cdj firmware is up to date it has come to light that a very very strange windows 11 problem was stopping me from syncing them successfully.

    To sum it up, my windows 11 was repeatedly confirming for me that my OS was up to date not only by me going into the windows update history to see the packages / installations that have been completed very recently but also via the check for update button which assured me that there are no updates available.

    on digging further i noticed through my windows about section that i had os version 22h2 instead of 23h3 (which is the latest commercial release of windows 11).

    i then proceeded to contact windows support/chat / assist who then remotely took control of my computer to install a certain file from a microsoft website that then succesfully installed the latest version of windows 11 that my computer needed.

    all good right now, ran with the cdj 3000 for my gig thursday night. everything normal.
    thanks for being active and suggesting anything that you know.

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