Maschine+ as a midi player and vst host during live gigs

Franc Weber
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Hi all,

Does anyone have experience on using M+ as a midi player for playing supporting tracks during live gigs? This is what I want;

  • Play my Roland Fantom live
  • M+ Playing supporting tracks on my Roland Fantom for which I’m short of hands
  • M+ playing supporting tracks on M+ hosting some Kontakt instruments (Strings and Brass)

I explicitly cannot use the Roland Fantom build in sequencer as it has some limitations that cause a massive workflow to get it to work. At this moment I am using a PC with Cantabile and it works well, only problem is that Windows causes glitches in the midi playback every now and then.

Oh, and I choose to have midi playback, not audio. This enables me to switch on and of tracks on demand. Very handy when for example our drummer or bass player cannot attend a rehearsel. I also have those tracks as midi so we can rehearse with some band members not attending.

I was wondering if it would be worth to buy an M+ to replace the PC with Cantabile.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Greetz, Franc

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