Template Maschine JAM for Cubase ???

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it is possible that no one has developed a template for Maschine JAM and Cubase?. to control mixer volume, pause, rec, etc. please enlighten me


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    Because it's unnecessary. You can do that with the MK3/+

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    there is actually one in controller editor, called mackie control light or something like that. You could even add a few controlls on the pads like channel select, mute, solo maybe a few more. Just set button type to mackie and then you can set the controller number and it even shows you the control you actually set like channel sel 1, channel sel 2, and so on. For the template to work you have to set in cubase the mackie control to compatibility mode. After setting the mackie up you have a new entry under devices/mackie click on it and a window opens up there you set the mode.

    If I'm at my computer later i can try to make you a template


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    Here you have an bit advanced template, it should work with all daws, those basic functions are mostly equal.

    But some functions totally differ, that´s why it´s not that easy to make a template.


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