Is it worth investing into FL Studio with NI plugins?

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I’m new to this and trying to figure out which DAW to use. I was looking at FL studio but it looks like I need to get the max price one to get integration with NI vst plugins. Is it worth doing that or should I look at other DAWs?




  • Tony Jones
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    Are you on PC or Mac? What style of music are you looking to make?

  • Ricardo1421
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    Hi Tony, it’s a windows pc, currently using FL studio 20 trial addition with an NI S49 and Komplete Kontrol. I was using the VST plug-ins ok with the trial edition but some crackling on audio that look like buffer issues. When I went to look at which version of FLstudio to buy it seemed to imply that VST was only going to work if I used the all add-ins version of fl studio but I don’t know if that was referring to native plugins (small n) or Native plugins. Initially EDM but then after that just creating .

  • runagate
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    All versions of FL load VSTs. FL has their own plug-ins, and one version comes with their own "native" plug-in format, and you must pay more for the VST version of their plugins. I assure you all versions load 3rd party VSTs. That being said, FL does not play especially nicely with some NI VSTs.

  • Ricardo1421
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    Hi Rungate, thanks for the information. That’s exactly what I needed to know. When I read the bit about native (small n) not working I was getting confused. Still checking out Ableton as well to see whether to go FL or Abelton. Very new to this but having fun. Thanks again.

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