My X1 MK3 Buttons for my effects and EQ are not working correctly


See my attached screenshot and I don't have any other mappings in place or settings in Traktor that is causing this. My FX and Mixer buttons, when on the pages are not lighting up correctly via Deck A. I am running mac0S 14.3 with Traktor 3.11.17, the newest update. Any ideas folks? My settings for the X1 MK3 are set to default right now, with my FX Buttons for BOTH Assign Buttons and FX Buttons in the settings are set to Dark Orange in the Traktor X1 MK3 Colors Settings. For my Bottom LED's under the MK3, I have that set to Rainbow and for Deck A, the lights are still blinking like the ones for the buttons on top of the controller BUT Deck B on the bottom is FINE, just like the buttons for Deck B on top of the controller. I have no idea and I have double check and will triple check again to see if I have something jacked up in Deck A settings wise. My MK2's are working fine BTW.


  • DJChiefRocka
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    Operating System mac0S 14.3 Sonoma

    Processor 2.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7

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