Head of the department of innovation @ NI HQ???

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if you held the position of the imaginary Head of department of Innovation @ NI HQ....

what direction would you envisage to pioneer new frontiers of musical expression and innovation, moreover what type of product&features would get you excited again?

The real question here, is do you see any new frontiers in terms of what the next fad is??

thoughts welcome!!


  • 6xes
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    just as a starter i've always believed intergration has always been key!!

    thus anything developed would also need to be intergrated with current systems, which probably goes without saying!

  • Cretin Dilettante
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    Everything would be modular & repairable, we'd sell individual components for out-of-warranty/local shop repairs, All plugin interfaces would be scalable, any izotope or brainworx code we could port to Maschine+ would get ported, Reaktor would get extensive documentation & a tutorial series on DSP concepts within Reaktor, Reaktor would gain the ability to export ensembles/instruments to a Maschine+ friendly format, Maschine would get tempo automation on a per-scene basis and the ability to set time signature on a per-pattern basis, and we'd get a Maschine Jam mk2 that'd be marketed as a companion to the Maschine+.

  • ozon
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    Kontrol Blocks is a modular controller concept, which would greatly enhance and integrate with the Maschine and Keyboard series, and could even be extended to include Traktor Engines.

    As an intelligent, stable and standards based solution to last for decades, it offers integration and connectivity layers for all kinds of software and hardware devices. This allows artists to create networks of interactive performance instruments.

    It will be the insanely great… Future of Sound

  • D-One
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    Software / HW companies have a department of Innovation? Legit question, I have no idea but it sounds kind of funny.

    I'd start by diverting some of the online ad money towards more devs, before using an ad free browser I'd see 30 NI ads a day.... no joke.

    @Cretin Dilettante

    we'd get a Maschine Jam mk2 that'd be marketed as a companion to the Maschine+.

    So... If you became the CEO NI will be all about standalones only, ignore all the controller history, no love for Studio, MK3, Mikro users, etc... Which is probably 80% of the user base?

    OK.. Dang, tbh, I think you fit right in with their current way of doing this... Ignore the majority and just do what you like 🤣

  • 6xes
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    like the sound of that "Kontrol Blocks" got a ring to it!!

  • 6xes
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    "The Gauntlet" a pair of glove worn, to control virtual instruments in virtual space, that provides various feedback mechanisms to provide individuals with spatial awareness of Virtualised instrument...

    build & customise virtual instrument interfaces


    proprietary VR capable displays(sold separately)

    M1 mac mini (minimum spec :D)

  • LostInFoundation
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    No need for gloves, proprietary display or Mac mini…a 3500 bucks Apple Vision pro would be enough 😂

  • 6xes
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    Tactility is what is missing in the Augmented reality realm... it will eventually move in that direction, its the natural progression, provide stimulation &emulate the sense of touch

  • LostInFoundation
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    What’s more stimulating that touching your thumb with your index finger?

    That’s double stimulation 😂

  • 6xes
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    heres a little insight as to whats been out there for a while now!!

    it no doubt has improved

  • macchinista
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    Interesting developments for sure, but yet more displays and so close, my poor eyes.

  • nightjar
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    Collaboration with AI performers that are aware of real-time musical context.

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