"Best/least expensive" way to enter the NI community...?

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Looking at taking the plunge into the NI community...

Looking at getting the S88 MK2, Maschine MK3 - and either 13 Ultimate or Ultimate Collectors Edition.

With the 50% off sale coming up in June (hopefully) - what is the best/least expensive way to do this...?

I will get the Select software with both the S88 MK2 and Maschine NK3...

Then what is the best/least expensive way to do the upgrades to get 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition...?



  • Kubrak
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    To get K13U, you may buy Upgrade K13U from Select. Or Upgrade to K13 from Select (see if it will do for a while) and later (June 2022 or 2023) buy Upgrade to K13U from Komplete (June 2022) or most probably Upgrade to K14U (June 2023). One step upgrade or two step upgrade would in total cost the same. (999 or 399 + 599)

    Concerning K13U CE. The cheapest is to buy Upgrade K13 from Select and Upgrade to K13U CE from Komplete (June 2022) or possibly Upgrade K14U CE from Komplete (June 2023). (399 + 999) It is not possible to do it in one step from Komplete Select. It is 200 more if you would upgrade to K13U and than K13(14)U CE.

    I assume Komplete 14 will be released at second half of this year, and June 2023 will be first ocassion to buy it with discount.

    Beware, things at NI are changing and also the pattern of discounts evolves. There is no guarantie, there will be Summer Sale 2023 with discounts 50% on upgrades....

    The prices I give are full prices. They might be 50% off in June, hopefully.

    Here comes the table with prices.


  • G.B.
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    If I understand this right...the best way to do it (if there is the typical 50% off sale in June):

    Buy the S88 MK2 Keyboard + Maschine MK3.

    Upgrade from Komplete 13 Select (included with keyboard, and maschine) to Komplete 13 = $199

    Then upgrade from Komplete 13 to Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition = $499

    Total total cost to get Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Ed. works out to be $698 that way ($199+$499).

    You save $100 doing it this way (Select –> Ultimate –> Ultimate Collectors Edition) vs. going straight from Select -> Ultimate Collectors Edition.

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