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Can we get any sort of update on when NI plugins will have full compatibility with Monterey? It's been 6 months, the "compatibility page" never seems to update, and there's very little communication here. It also seems like most of the time at NI is being spent making new plugins rather than making the back-catalogue usable.

I've given a lot of money to this company. The vsts are great and so is the hardware. But this is getting incredibly frustrating and I'm having regrets about choosing NI to begin with.

Making sure your sounds are usable seems like it should be a top, emergency-level priority, right?

How about a little communication? Can we expect it this year?



  • EvilDragon
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    Kontakt is already Monterey compatible, IIRC Maschine and KK as well.

  • Tony Jones
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    There's a few more bits and pieces on the official list:

    I use Monterey and everything actually works for my limited use case

  • CJBerg
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    Yes, Kontakt itself is, but 90% of the actual VST plugins are still missing. Out of Komplete 12 Ultimate, the only plugins that show themselves are Absynth, FM8, and Massive.

    Everything else (minus a dozen or so vsts) was/is still installed and previously used before Monterey.

    No strings, no brass, woodwinds, drums, bass, pianos, guitar rig, Massive X, I could continue, but the point is only 3 plugins out of all of these are there.

    Are you implying that I'm dealing with a separate issue and that all of these VST's should be working?

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    Yeah, this appears to be a separate issue, you should be able to use all (?) plugins. I didn’t notice any missing plugins after upgrading to Monterey, and I’m using Reaktor and Massive X quite a lot for example. I’d suggest you try to reinstall those missing plugins and see what happens.

  • EvilDragon
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    Moving to Komplete General subforum because the question wasn't about just Kontakt, yet it was marked to be only in Kontakt subforum.

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    We have a thread about this topic here:

    You'll also have the link with our most up to date information from our Knowledge Base. Please feel free to use that thread if you have specific question.

    To avoid redundancy this discussion is now closed.

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