Why does Super8 show up as NI GMBH?

Wilmar Boer
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All NI plugins neatly show up in the Native Instruments category. But Super8 shows itself in another folder named Native Instruments GmbH (see attached screenshot). It seems like a simple typo-bug to fix in the installer. I just don't know how to report bugs so I thought I post it here.


  • chk071
    chk071 Member Posts: 35 Sine

    Wondered about that too. It's not so great that the NI plugins are spread over various folders that way.

  • pranaearth
    pranaearth NYCMember Posts: 36 Tri

    I have Absynth 5, Battery 4, FM8, Reaktor 6, and Super 8 a under the GmbH folder, and Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt, Maschine 2, Massive, and Massive X appear under the regular NI folder. I was wondering why myself.

  • MyStudioOne
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    Super 8 was the first VST 3 NI instrument. But KK has not fully supported VST 3 until now and so it was contained in that folder and connected to KK with a workaround. KK 2.6.7 added the support for VST 3 which is prrsumably why Super 8 is now incorporated into KK like everything else.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @MyStudioOne is right.

    There was a name shortening issue for the VST3 plugin in KK. Unfortunately it's a cosmetic issue so there's no plan to address this right now but I understand it can create confusions. 🤨  

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