Warning before updating to the new Maschine update

Kangaroo Kid
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I guess they dont feel like warning those choosing to update will be used for beta testing. From now on i personally am not updating anything until its out for a while.



  • Kubrak
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    It is general knowledge that update/new version may have bugs. It is always better to wait few days to weeks since new release of SW.

    Things are complex and developers cannot test all user cases and HW and SW configurations..... Even betatesting cannot test everything....

    Do you remember two Boeings that fell down few years ago? Or Mars module that has crashed the land because part of programms were calculating in imperial measures while others in metric. Or one satelite lost contact with Earth just because programmer placed ";" at wrong possition. Or Hubble telescoop that has been manufactured with micron precision, but there was 1 mm mistake and did not work on orbit...

    What I want say is, that even multibilion projects may have and occasionaly do have SW bugs.

  • Dstep ATL
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    What was the problem?

  • Kangaroo Kid
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    Problem is that im having to spend all my time figuring things out instead of being notified. I was a few days behind the release of the update, so why keep it available knowing there are issues. And it seems like they knew it wasn't ever meant to be compatible with the M+ on this update. So now im told to downgrade. But does native access have a way to do that? Hell no. So why would i install this downgrade outside of Native Access when Native Access installation methods of organizing is so convoluted!? If i downgrade, Ill probably spend another month troubleshooting whatever fruther problems that will cause. I did install the file but during the installation its asking me to install Maschine, AAX, Plug Ins......do i select yes to all 3 or no?! IDK no info whatsoever! The next option is to pick the controller but to no surprise the M+ is not an option to pick! SO WHAT THE HELL! all they gotta do is have quick simple CLEAR solution prepared for when bugs are discovered during the launch of an update. The only reason they wouldnt do that already is to use their consumers as test dummies while also collecting money from them.

  • tetsuneko
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    when in doubt, install all plugin versions. Maschine MK3 is the closest choice for Maschine+, their UIs are identical.

    For what it's worth, I agree 100%, Native Access should allow you to both downgrade & remove an installation. I need to post about this in the Native Access subforum.

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