The autosampler is really great

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I enjoyed having the autosampler on the MPC and Force, but it was cumbersome to use, and keygroups could be cumbersome to set up properly.

The Maschine’s autosampler is outstanding. It took me a bit to get it situated with the M+ and how you have to specifically save sounds in one specific place (your Native Instruments/Maschine 2/Sounds folder on the computer) and then drag it to that same location on your SD. Once I got it working, thanks to posters here, I have found it is a breeze to work with. I screwed up a handful of sounds at first by not totally grasping how note on and sample length go together, but after 2-3 try’s I got it. The auto trim and normalize functions remind me of what you can do in Samplerobot, versus the less feature heavy Akai version.

It’s nice having my favorite Kontakt, Omnisphere and arturia sounds in standalone.

One area I have to figure out is how to tag the sounds. Once I save my sound with sample to the aforementioned location on my computer, pull it up in the software browser hit edit, select tags and hit apply, I then hit save again. However, the tags don’t carry over to the +. This is user error most likely. For now I am just adding my own sounds to my favorites.

One thing I haven’t tried is a large, multi velocity, 1 note stride piano. I’m curious to see how the native sound format handles memory. Does it disk stream like the Kontakt patches seem to? Or maybe it’s best to stick to the 600mb Kontakt piano I have on my + for when I need a detailed piano.

Overall, I think NI did a really great job here. The loopop video on the autosampler and a year of updates is what brought me to try the + for a second time and I’m really glad I did.

Looking forward to the completed + update with chord inversions and even more stability.



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    Yes, it looks really great, I am amazed by the function.

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    Yeah it’s pretty awesome. I’ve been playing around with it by sampling my Dreadbox Typhon. There’s a good video by Red Means Recording that I’ll link where he talks about using modular gear or sounds that have changes over time and how you can get interesting variations with patches that have different modulations at different velocities.

    If you autosample something and want to share it don’t forget to post a link to download it in the sampler room in the forum. I’ll add my Typhon stuff soon.

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