Electric Sunburst Deluxe - Drag And Drop Midi Patterns

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I love the "drag and drop"-function on Session Bassist, I would love if something similar was possible with Electric Sunburst Deluxe! Is this a feature that could come on a future update? :)


I've tried to capture to midi from Kontakt by enabling "Script Generated CCs and notes" on "Send MIDI to outside world", but the recorded midi doesn't seem to make much sense. If someone know a way to convert the patterns to midi please let me know! :)



  • Jeremy_NI
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    There is no plan for an update of this library at the moment, unfortunately.

    For Kontakt's MIDI out, recording a pattern through “send midi” usually doesnt work as expected because the patterns sometimes use additional notes that are not playable in the instrument for articulations.

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    No MIDI out from Electric Sunburst = unusable in more detailed compositions. I just updated to the newest Komplete Ultimate to get, among other libraries, this library. I love the sound of it, and it sits nicely in the mix. BUT! As long as it can only play off-the-shelf static patterns with no real possibility to COMPOSE with it (for instance make it follow small riffs and variations on other tracks), I simply can't use it. It's not flexible enough - not a real tool if you ask me. Why NI has no plan to update it to make it really shine... I don't know. Give it MIDI out drag and drop, and it'd be a MUCH more versatile and professional tool. Or maybe I'm not overlooking how to program/play on a more detailed level?

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