S5 (Supreme Ed. mod) vs S4 MK3 (Supreme Ed. mod or others)

Phil N
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I'm looking at getting either an S5 or S4 MK3 and wanted to start a discussion similar to one previously located here, but for the S5.

What are advantages and disadvantages S5 vs S4 MK3 with using Aleix Jiménez mods.

The S8 has the stems/remix controls, and since the S5 doesn't have them, it narrows the gap between the S4 MK3 and the S5. There are obviously the larger screens, but without the stem/remix controls, it appears the S4 MK3 gains.

I don't scratch, and will be new to using remix decks, but I like the concept and hope to explore them.




  • Sûlherokhh
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    Yes. If you want to use remix decks, best to either combo the S4Mk3 and an F1, or the S5 and 1 or 2 D2's. The S4 screens are hires but really small. Also the mod is not completely in the saddle. If you like the idea of adjusting the files to your gusto (and finding out on your own how to), it's the perfect fit. I have had a lot of fun with the S4-F1 combo. S5/D2s have a lot more space: The controls are larger, farther apart and feel more rugged. The bigger screen is awesome, especially with the mod, and with it the browser; you don't need a laptop screen anymore using those. If you are sure about using remix decks then maybe the S8 is the best option. But it's a beast in size and i don't like the mirror position of the 'Browse Knob - Loop Knob - Performance' - side of decks A/C.

  • Phil N
    Phil N Member Posts: 7 Member

    Thanks for the great feedback. I'm surprised about pairing the S5 with D2's as opposed to pairing with an F1, since the S5 already has the two large screens. I'm inclined to get the S5 and then later add an F1 or D2, especially since I'd rather not have the learning curve of adjusting the files myself for the S4 (at least right now).

    And I feel the same, the S8 is just so big.

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