Issue with one of my support request

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its been three months now and my issue with kontakt library is not fixed.

this is a bad experience



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    So what's the issue? How about supplying more details?

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    Hey @Kartoonetwork, you've been warned for breaking the code of conduct, please keep it respectful.

    If you want us to escalate your case to our team, feel free to share your ticket number here.

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    Native Instruments - #2821090 this is the ticket number. and what in the world is code conduct. The support people easily erased my problem with the libraries I'm disappointed.

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    thanks for asking.

    i was working with an Indian musician and there was a need of traditional instrumentation like mridangam, tabla etc. so i brought the Indian spotlight collection of instruments.

    the project contains complex rhythms like 5/4 with 3/4 time Signature and the libraries are loaded with Samples with the same time signature and my job was supposed to be done but i was wrong as its MIDI files was missing.

    in other words when we like a sample we drag and drop the sample to piano roll but in this case the MIDI file is totally different the audio sample sounds different and the MIDI sounds different.

    so i contacted the support team and explained then they told me to share the screenshots and screen recording.

    and i did it but then nothing happened and my ticket was closed.

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    Just to be transparent on this one, your ticket was replied to and here is what the team sent you:

    I have heard back from the development team and they are now aware of this issue. They communicated to me that they intend on releasing an update to the spotlight collection which should resolve this issue. Currently they do not have a date they can communicate as to when this can be expected.

    When an update is released it will be in the form of an Native Access download. You can see which fixes and improvements are included within an update by looking at the change log for the product.

    I apologise for the inconvenience.

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