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Tony Jones
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I'm toying with getting something to act as an audio interface and active part of my set up and am considering a range of things including Verselab, Maschine+, MC 707 (I've looked at Circuit Tracks) and TR8S. Or an MX-1 (cheaper, not very modern, not really what I want [first!])

That aside, I found this thread on the Verselab on the old forum:

I can't find any chat yet on this forum, so wondered what people felt about the Verselab one year later. I wasn't sure where to put this as I don't want a Maschine+ debate.

Any insights welcome



  • Nico_NI
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    Interesting, I didn't know about the Verselab.

    It feels a bit like a mix of Elektron and Maschine hardwares. The workflow seems pretty easy and straightforward tho.

    What exactly do you look for in these machines? For what purpose?

  • Tony Jones
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    I don't really want for its core purpose, more something I can run my synth output into on the way to some speakers and able to drop rhythm tracks at the same time with midi integration. My Maschine MK3 can work but means having the computer switched on.

    I could make a TR8S work (I mostly want drums) or even a Circuit Tracks. My requirement isn't really a standalone cheap alternative to Maschine+, just wondering about the art of the possible — if I spend £x00, what extra do I get if I spend a but more. I also like the Roland sound, which not everyone does

  • Nico_NI
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    I own a TR-8s but never used the audio input so far. It sounds like a great option in my opinion tho, as it is a really nice and flexible piece of gear.

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