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WANTED for parts damaged/broken/faulty/Beyond economic repair D2 or S8

Diana 27
Diana 27 Member Posts: 4 Sine

All I want are some rubber buttons - Sync, Cue, and Play as well an on effects button.

The lettering is missing on the buttons of a two D2 controller I bought 2nd hand

Shame on NI for not selling spares, in these eco aware times it's anti social, and anti eco to discourage repair of equipment ,instead encouraging people to aim equipment to the waste by charging exorbitant repair charges, which inhibit people from repairing perfectly good gear.

NI change your policy - you are living in the past! If you don't you'll be past it.



  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 1,855 admin

    Hi @Diana 27 we sometimes send out replacement parts but we don't always have replacement parts for old controllers available unfortunately, so in your case sending in the device for a repair is the best option as offered by the support team.

    Having said that, we've shared your feedback about having spare parts available for sale on our web shop with the team, many thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  • Cretin Dilettante
    Cretin Dilettante Member Posts: 57 Tri

    I hope such a suggestion manifests as action; I second the OP's sentiment that NI need to be more repair concious. I don't have anything that's broken right now, save for a fiddly rotary encoder on my old maschine mikro, but I'm not making the same kind of money as NI's other customers & would love to see their machines become user serviceable. It would be sweet if future hardware designs took user repair into consideration and y'all should really consider producing product tear-down videos, similar to what Valve has been doing with their Steam Deck.

  • Diana 27
    Diana 27 Member Posts: 4 Sine

    In Reply to NI - You must have spare parts otherwise how would you, could you quote me a fantastic sum for two new casings ?? and some rubber buttons.

    We don't mind you make a reasonable profit on spares, they have to be paid for and stored by you, besides lots of the parts are common,

    The days of throw away society are coming to an end fast,it just can't go on as it is, and some of us are quite capable of repairing our gear and many are not.

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