WANTED for parts damaged/broken/faulty/Beyond economic repair D2 or S8

Diana 27
Diana 27 Member Posts: 4 Member

All I want are some rubber buttons - Sync, Cue, and Play as well an on effects button.

The lettering is missing on the buttons of a two D2 controller I bought 2nd hand

Shame on NI for not selling spares, in these eco aware times it's anti social, and anti eco to discourage repair of equipment ,instead encouraging people to aim equipment to the waste by charging exorbitant repair charges, which inhibit people from repairing perfectly good gear.

NI change your policy - you are living in the past! If you don't you'll be past it.



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Diana 27 we sometimes send out replacement parts but we don't always have replacement parts for old controllers available unfortunately, so in your case sending in the device for a repair is the best option as offered by the support team.

    Having said that, we've shared your feedback about having spare parts available for sale on our web shop with the team, many thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  • Cretin Dilettante
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    I hope such a suggestion manifests as action; I second the OP's sentiment that NI need to be more repair concious. I don't have anything that's broken right now, save for a fiddly rotary encoder on my old maschine mikro, but I'm not making the same kind of money as NI's other customers & would love to see their machines become user serviceable. It would be sweet if future hardware designs took user repair into consideration and y'all should really consider producing product tear-down videos, similar to what Valve has been doing with their Steam Deck.

  • Diana 27
    Diana 27 Member Posts: 4 Member

    In Reply to NI - You must have spare parts otherwise how would you, could you quote me a fantastic sum for two new casings ?? and some rubber buttons.

    We don't mind you make a reasonable profit on spares, they have to be paid for and stored by you, besides lots of the parts are common,

    The days of throw away society are coming to an end fast,it just can't go on as it is, and some of us are quite capable of repairing our gear and many are not.

  • Faefyredrake
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    Hey I'm autistic and disabled I've had an issue for a few years that is really getting me down...

    Does anyone know where I can buy the rotory "browse" knob for S8 or S5.

    I have an s8 it got broken by my nan within a few weeks of owning it and has been upsetting me every time I look at it

    I don't know what the rotory switch/knob is called. I hoped to find a broken s8 /parts and replace the whole.board.

    I'm so stuck and down about this. It's been so difficult to find what I need and I've emailed and rung native instruments and the music shop I bought it from and had no help, no reply and told it was unrepairable...

    I'm happy to take the chance on repairing it, I know someone who is able to fix it if I can find the part needed. The left hand side s8 "browse" knob that u can push in and out as well as rotate, i.e. unlike the rest of the knobs that just rotate this one you can push in and it clicks the same as the knob on the browse knob on the other deck (next to the graphical screen) on the right hand side of the deck

    It's such a essential knob to controll the controller Its ment it's sat broken since the month I bought it new as soon as it came.out.

    Please can anyone help, either telling me the part it need to replace or where I can get the board that it's part of.

  • Haydn
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    edited November 2023

    Why not buy an old X1 Mk 1 (around £50-£70) and use the Browse knob off that (asssuming they are the same size). The other knobs can be kept as spares.

  • lonesbeats
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    it is now 2024 and I got denied from buying one replacement key for a current keyboard. which I can easily repair myself but they want me to send it in to a repair shop and pay $80 for diagnostic fee. pfft... not to mention the cost of labor and shipping. I'm disgusted. This will be the last NI product I buy.

  • loadedlouie
    loadedlouie Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    i agree that native should provide parts for either old or new controllers.

    Please native be sustainable and provide user support in this matter.

    It doesn't make sense not to have spare parts.

  • PoorFellow
    PoorFellow Moderator Posts: 3,762 mod

    I completely agree. If N.I. does not want to carry and supply an ample amount of spare parts then N.I. ought to have at least one authorized spare part seller in each of the Americas (north/south/middle ?) as well as at least one in the EU and at least one in the Asia/Pacific region !

  • sweeney5877
    sweeney5877 Member Posts: 15 Member

    I’m looking to replace the main fader on my s8… any help please ?

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