question regarding KK m32 on Mac m1 in logic starting up in track mode not midi !

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hello all ..

I have been wasting far too many hours over the weeks trying to get my M32 to start up in logic in midi mode . as you know there is no working version of kk for m1 Monterey .. the Rosetta version crashes logic every time .. very frustrating

something has gone wrong because when it starts up in logic, mostly it starts up in track mode and it went let me switch by pushing buttons, they are not lit. its completely random ..

I can use the keyboard in mid mode ... sometimes ! .. some of the buttons don't work but the dials do.

my problem is when I start logic sometimes it will not light up any top left buttons ( browser/ midi/ track) .. great! everything wrks .. for the buttons it allows ..

but randomly logic starts up with m32 having the track button light up and mid does not work ..

does anyone know what command in logic or NI software I can delete or change to get it to either start up in midi light mode on , or no light at all ?

again .. I am not using KK or want to !! they don't support us m1 users ..

please help.. I have been trying to delete many files in logic and NI but nothing changes ..



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey there,

    I'm sorry but I am not sure to totally understand the issue here.

    The M32 should work without crashing Logic when in Rosetta mode. So if you wish to use the keyboard (even in MIDI mode you should start Logic in Rosetta mode. If you still have crashes we'll need to investigate.

    You should also open the Komplete Kontrol standalone application once to ensure the correct MIDI inputs are selected.

    You should also give Full Disk Access to Komplete Kontrol and Logic:

    How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    That should allow normal operation. If you wish to bypass the control options totally in Logic, you should set a key command for “Bypass All Control Surfaces” so youy can toggle the Host Integration on/off. When bypassed, switching tracks won’t put the keyboard back into host integration mode.

  • 2bcool2
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    thank you for your reply.

    I don't like KK. I also don't like how it crashes , even NI state they are working on it for Monterey ...

    I don't need the crashing fixed as I don't like using it. yes I opened up stand alone KK one time .

    my problem is when I start up logic ( no KK) sometimes it will light the track button so the controls I programmed for the dials and transport don't work, sometimes it will be in midi mode and no lights lit on the right buttons on the keyboard.

    obviously something in logic at startup is being triggered to put it in track/instance mode ...

    yes I use the bypass button but in bypass the keyboard buttons don't work at all ..

    I have to click by pass, click controller set up, which disables by pass, then by pass again, then click prefs, then click set up and sometimes it will stick in mid mode .. its all very unprofessional to do this jiggle, hope to find the solution to stop what message is going to the keyboard to put it in track/instance mode

    im sure there's just one file somewhere I have to delete to stop this so it will start up in midi every time .

    thanks for anyone with some ideas .. it would be nice for NI to allow all the buttons to be programmed in midid mode on the keyboard

  • Jeremy_NI
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    As I said, Komplete Kontrol shouldn't crash, also the latest Komplete Kontrol version is compatible with Monterey since version 2.6.6. Have you contacted our support about it ?

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