I just bought a version Scratch Duo 2 but license code doesn't work on macOS Monterey 12.2.1

Alex van der Sluijs
Alex van der Sluijs Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I Bought a set Scratch Duo 2 (6th of march 2022) but found out that the box was very old. De software which was included is Tractor 2.0 and on the box was a stikker with the txt that a free upgrade was possible second quarter 2012 (!!!) So I think the fooled me delivering such an old box. The License code doesn't work for the latest MacOS I'm working with.

Is the hardware also so old and nog valid anymore. Are new versions better than the version I have? There was a Traktor Audio 6 interface in the box.

Or is this still the same hardware the deliver today and could this problem be solved with a new license code for Traktor 3.0 working on my MaxOS 12.2.1 ?

Or should I sent it back and ask my money back?

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