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[Feature request] filter loops by bpm/key

lord of synth
lord of synth Member Posts: 6 Member

I request a bpm range filter for the Maschine loops browser. I also request a key signature filter for the loops and one shots browser.


  • Robert080
    Robert080 Member Posts: 10 Member

    Some request:

    • Two level Smart List. For example: All the tracks that are 118 bmb and thant contain "floor" and are in "file path c:\house OR in C:\Deep"
    • Real color tag in track list. Actually the color are all in "negative condition". Maybe better use the selected color as main color and not only a semi transparent gradient.
    • Filters. Actually too unuseful filter, and overall if you have the three filter mode on you can use onle one parameter and you cant's save a configuration for a singular filter effect. Shoud be useful to be able to assign (for S4 Mk3) a custom filter to che filte pad (red, green, blu, yellow).
    • Step sequencer it's pretty unusefu without a visual configurator. Why they have created this unique function but never developer during 5 years? It's a pretty stupid think!.

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