Kontrol S88 MK2 Middle C down to F3 not sending response

hinzee Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hey everyone! Recently bought a Kontrol S88 MK2 used from Guitar Center and I'm bumping into an issue that makes the controller pretty unusable. The keys from F3 to middle C (8 keys) don't seem to be sending any MIDI information to the PC. When I press down on any other key, the board light right above the key lights up, however nothing activates with these keys. I've ran the keyboard through Midi OX and all the keys are sending a signal except these 8.

Is this an issue any one else has faced? Is there a way to fix this or should I start a return? I have a ticket in with Native Instruments but need to start the return process for the keyboard within the next week if that's the route I'm taking!

Thanks for any insight!



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