Traktor on MacBook Pro 2009 with Catalina

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Which version of Traktor will run?

I installed Traktor Pro 3.8. It works for 20 minutes but then audio starts to crackle . I mean its a Core duo processor 😅, I was surprised that the Macbook let me install it and opened and played Traktor for a while

I have a licence also for Tractor Pro 2


  • Stevan
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    Catalina is not officially supported on 2009 mac though. Best way to go about it is to install TPro2.

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    Im using latest version of Traktor Pro 3 (3.11.1) on my MacBook Pro 15 Retina (mid 2012) (i7, 8GB ram, SSD).

    MacOS updated to Venture (13.6.4) and works great except little stutter on waveforms but im playing on Kontrol S5 so it doesnt matter.

    But on Catalina you cant install nothing past 3.8

  • digisun
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    TPro2 is running a bit better. I still get crackles even with high buffer after 1 hour.

    Also I would like to know how I can transfer my settings and iTunes/Music library from my new system to my experimental system on the 2009 model.

    I wonder if the formats changed, because I can't even point TPro2 to the actual library.


    Ok, back to TRAKTOR PRO 3 which runs now better because I use the Z1 now as an Audio interface

  • Stevan
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    Also check computer temps - maybe it is needed to eplace the thermal paste as well in case that you never did that before - it is an old machine.

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