Komplete Start Freebie package Issues...

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I have downloaded - and then Un-installed, and re-installed the Komplete Start package 5 or 6 times now - and something seems off every time... 1st - I am using Studio 1 DAW, with Win 11 on my PC (has Plenty of room)... At 1st - I could not figure out how to engage Kontakt 6 or 7 or Reaktor to play thru sounds (I am a Komplete newbie here - not a Komputer person, and feel like a Komplete idiot trying to figure out how to even use this stuff on a basic level)!! I think the Kontrollers have finally routed correctly - because now the sounds are seemingly there and usable - at least for the Kontakt stuff... and I can control them with my M-Audio keyboard... I had this package installedquite a few months ago - and was having issues lately - so that is why I un-installed and re- downloaded everything... and now all the pages look different - with different functions it seems??... I guess it has been "upgraded"? Anyway - My main issue is with the Reaktor section...

1) How do I use the Space Drone sounds??? I bring them up on a track - and it seems to go on its own... I think hitting middle C on my keyboard keeps it going (?), but when I try to record it - nothing... when I play multiple keys while it is going - I see the keystrokes in my recorded track - but no sounds... How do I use these sounds (sub wind, cave, polar wind, etc)???

2) How does the "Newscool thing work ("Amnesia, Molo, Zro GG, etc)??? They simply do not function... I can repeatedly click the "Next" button - and it runs through a sequence step by step... and I figured out I can do the same by repeatedly hitting middle A on my keyboard... Is that all there is to it??? I am thinking there MUST be a way to "Run" the sequences as an arppegiated type thing, but when I click "Run" - Nothing happens... It cannot be this difficult to use this stuff!!

I love the sounds included with this free package - Komplete Start", but I am so frustrated trying to use it (literally wasted 3 days now messing with this - I am ready to uninstall the entire thing - and being done with NI Kompletely! ... and of course - Zero phone support here... If anyone out there can connect with me - thru this discussion, or in real time - and try to help me understand... I would be grateful... Thank you!!!


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    I am a newbie like you.Not a computer person either.Love every thing about Komplete start and Kontakt 7.I had problems like you.I watched tons of videos on you tube about NI and kontakt 7.I came to this forum and used the search engine.Still learning.I have sounds that stay on in a certain key.But i also had that in logic pro Alchemy on a certain preset. never could fix that preset and just left it alone and moved on.Like alot of companys they do not respond and leave it to forums like this to solve issues.I liked the sounds in Komplete start Kontakt 7 that i ordered the full version $299.I hope one of the experts here can help you.I watched many installing videos on you -tube that cleared things for me.

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