Having problems relocating Native Instruments to external HD

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Hello I am new to this community and hope someone can help me out

Well, already quit some time trying to relocate instrument software to external HD.

Use the light (first) and later the dark NI Access versions. Because of purchasing several new instruments (needed to use the new dark version of NI Access for that) I want to relocate all together to a external HD (Seagate 6 TB).

After trying to relocate some successfully with copy/paste (I left the old ones on the Mac hd). there arrived some errors about no relocating possible. Also Logic Pro was still not able to find it. After reading about it I changed options in Security and privacy to grant complete access to the Mac hd for NI, iZotope, Maschine,Kontakt,Komplete Control,Control Editor,Waves, SpitfireAudio and Studio One and Live with I also use. Fteer this I still could not reinstall some NI

I read to reinstall all. So uninstalled most of all, some didn't (get message 'path is invalid'). After I reinstalled all to the NI folder on external HD and worked. But not for all. Now I try to understand why not. N Access 2 refers to ('read how to fix this') Locate Playbox folder but I could not find it (not on MacHd and external hd) so what is needed.

I hope this gives a good view on what happened already. Hopefully here someone can help me to solve this issue? If you need additional info please let me know.


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