Regarding my remix decks bmp in traktor pro 3

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I added my Dj drop and two other voice recordings on my remix deck and my drop slowed down a lot and the other 2 sped up how do I get them both back to their original


  • Stevan
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    Screenshot your remix deck in subject, put it into advanced view as well so we can see the sample/key/sync settings.

  • lord-carlos
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    I think, but am not sure. All the samples have to be in the same bpm as the remix deck itself. Otherwise the remix deck will change the speed. At least that is the only way I could figure it out last time I messed with it.

    Even with sync of on the deck and on the individual remix slots.

    You can just enter a bpm number into the bpm meta data on your spoken samples. Then import them into the remix deck again.

  • zephry
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    Been a while for me using the Remix decks. But I did know them extremely well a few years ago.

    Think of the samples in the Remix Decks as a bunch of decks that can all be at the same bpm and synced or not synced and all different Bpms.

    The Remix Deck if you ignore all the samples in it, is simply another track. With sync and a bpm that can be set.

    The Remix Deck can also be thought of as a container for all these little decks (samples) with other functions such as Quantize amount of all, and settings for the individual decks(samples) behavior. Latch, loop, gate, etc.

    But in response to what @lord-carlos mentioned, the sync off inside the remix deck per sample. Should act like a track does on any deck not linked to anything by sync in your Dj software. The reason is because with sync off, it has no grid. It should act like any other main deck would without a grid.

    To get the samples playing at the right speed and tone when the individual samples are synced. The samples need to match (or be close) to a bpm that can be set on the Remix Deck itself. Remember the Remix Deck is like a container for the samples (little decks themselves).

    This is so hard to explain and the manual doesn't do a real thorough job.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    The optimal approach is to vary the sync and bpm of any sample you want to play as well as the bpm value of the remix deck, while keeping the remix deck sync ON. Check which settings give you the results you need.

    I found the remix deck bpm value to be very important. I have a set of samples i use both for techno as well as dubstep, but i had to make a carbon copy. One i set to 125bpm, one to 140bpm. Otherwise i would get sped-up or slowed-down sample tempos.

  • zephry
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    And Traktor does not recognize silence at the beginning of a sample when being analyzed. So things like offbeat hi hats or a clap might end up incorrect length and play completely wrong.

    The samples without transients, like a vocal also end up being strange bpms that you have to adjust and get to loop correctly.

    It is not as simple as grabbing any sample pack and expecting all of them to be the right bpms and work correctly.

    Your explanation is spot on about the Remix sets needing to be at adjusted Bpm to work and the Remix Deck BPM is very important. Unless the samples are first perfectly looped and adjusted in a program like Ableton. I used to also fix samples in Audacity.

    I do think if a person is just using the Remix decks for a couple of shout out or name drops samples you should be able to simply leave the sync off in those couple slots and trigger them just fine.

    But once any other loops and complete sets start getting made it can be a real learning experience making custom sets that work correctly from packs.

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