S88 Sustain Pedal Function Not Working after multiple back and forth with NI agent

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Native Instrument PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

I'm stuck in a long email conversation with a man at NI that is sending me in a loop of bad information. I purchased a S88 keyboard in which the sustain pedal function is not working. I've read the article about his 20 times. I've done everything to try and make the pedal work. He told me to buy a polarized pedal. I did. I didn't work. Then he told me to go buy a non polarized pedal from a list that contained a pedal I told him I already own. Then he told me NI is aware of the S88 sustain problem. He sent me an electronic schemata and suggested I build my own. I'm pulling my hair out at this point. I've been back-and-forth in an email with this man begging for help. I am a professional keyboard player here in Los Angeles not an amateur. I know how to use high in products I need tech-support on the phone or via screen share, I'm into my 40th hour of trying to figure out how to use the sustain pedal with the S 88 this is madness. The man is admitting there is an issue and continuing to send me an a loop of reading the same article over and over again, telling me to buy petals of which I have bought two already, what do I do? This is unbelievable. I have an email thread so long with this man that you would think I was dealing with some complicated software issue. It's a sustain pedal. I can't get this man to treat me like a human being. I'm not crazy this is really happening to me with Native Instruments, I spent $1500 on this keyboard I know how to use a sustain pedal there's something going on that I need customer support not emails back-and-forth continuing to recommend the same things over and over again that I'm telling the man are not working. what do I do? What is happened to Native Instruments, I have all of your products all of your software and there's no phone support. No technical support other than an email with someone who clearly is uninterested in resolving this problem. He seems to be a nice person, but at some point there's a level of incompetence that I have to, and enforced to admit is happening, he's recommending the same things over and over again and saying he's so sorry this is happening to me. He even offered me and Native Instruments consolation product for my trouble. I just want the keyboard fixed please Native Instruments please Native Instruments please Native Instruments help me.


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