Loyalty benefits?

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As technology continues to flourish I keep coming back to an issue I have with NI.

I was reminded again when I saw the release of the 2 new rhodes that were just released.

Ive been in with NI since almost day one.

Ive had almost every komplete bundle since they started. I had machine 1, machine studio, maschine plus, komplete kontrol II. And now komplete kontrol III.

I got reaktor when it was first released. I could go on and on with the amount Ive spent at NI.

Im curious as to why NI offers no loyalty allowance on anything of value to the individual consumer.

example- Arturia offers me a discount on just about everything (software) they release. Because I also have everything from them. They value me because I spent alot of cash with them.

I am not a complainer but I would like to know why they dont offer people who really spend alot of money on their stuff nothing in terms of loyalty .

As time passes Ive slowly moved away from NI but I still really value my kk keyboard and kontakt very much.

An example of what would be pleasing for me to see is something like this:

the new rhodes keyboards are listing for 149$. If a consumer has basically 90% of the software from NI maybe they should be offered the new rhodes pack for say 79$..

just curious if anyone else feels like this. Again Im talking about people who literally have spent thousands over the years with NI.


  • Simon A. Billington
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    Well we do get upgrade and cross grade pricing. From that we also get additional vouchers to you.

    Unfortunately I haven't made much use of the vouchers so far. It seems to be better to wait for a 50% off sale in my opinion. If I were desperate to get your hands on something then I might find them useful.

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