Setting the Gain/Volume of Source modulator in KSP

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Hi there,

Just joined the community, hope I'm asking this in the right category... This is about Kontak scripting (KSP).

I've managed to control the insert fx parameters via the modulation wheel and note velocity, and it's fairly easy. However, to control the internal modulator parameters seems very complex.

What I need to to achieve, is to control the vibrato depth via the mod wheel (yes, I can do it with the learn function, but I need to do it in the script). The vibrato is generated with a sine LFO for the Pitch. Right-clicking the modulator in script edit mode gives me the group, index and generic values, but they don't help me to acces the correct parameter.

I've tried the get_mod_idx and get_target_idx commands, but it goes wrong. Also, for the source modulator is it SET_ENGINE_VOLUME or SET_ENGINE_GAIN?

Thanks for any help!

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