Still Quite nice!! KORE2 But How I can tuning>>?? Member Posts: 5 Member
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I got second hand KORE2 & KORE1.....I do not try KORE1 yet though.

I found that Still KORE 2 is quite usuful......and Fun!

I can edit sound many way with 8 nobs.. .But...I could not find total tuning...!!??

is this fixed on 440hz only ???? or I have to go inside each Instruments edit page to change??

Since quite old equipments ,not many people may not know though??

If somebody Knows it Please teach me!!


  • mykejb
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    Pretty sure retuning everything with one setting isn't possible. Kore will just send MIDI to the individual instruments and any micro-turning needs to be done in the instrument. I think @Kymeia used/uses Kore a lot so will probably know for sure.

    -- Mike

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    Thank you for comments!!

    In some programs has a Tune nobs of 8nobs.

    So maybe I need to assign tune for each program If I need it>>??

    But Some Synth appear for edit ,, ,but some do not......!!??

    Kore 2 is quite hard to understand !!!???

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