Kontakt Player 7 standalone is frozen empty shell

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Hi, I did look for answers in this forum but couldn't find a similare post.

I have a Windows 10 computer and can't seem to properly load Kontakt Player 7 standalone. An empty shell with nothing but a file menu with Options and Exit shows up. If I click Options I get an empty window and then the program freezes. I get the same result using the VST in Studio One 6. Kontakt Player 6 works fine in both standalone and VST versions.

Also, when using Prime Bass in Kontakt 6 I'm not able to access Melody mode. Just able to trigger patterns. Any ideas?


  • Uwe303
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    what graphics card do you use?

    Second question: have you opened the preset with "(melody)" after the name? it works perfect for me.

  • Screch
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    Thanks for the input. I guess my graphic card is not compatible with Kontakt 7 (hey, I'm a musician, not a gamer, lol!). Stuck with Kontakt 6 unless there's a way to script out the 3d features of the interface of 7.

    As for Prime Bass in Kontakt Player 6, I'll try to load up Melody.nki. It just doesn't load up automatically when I start Kontakt.

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